Our Room

My prior classroom (2nd grade)...


A new year has started and our room is ready to be filled with awesomeness! This is how it looked at the beginning - before our work is posted!



We are so lucky to have a beautiful, amazing, glorious and awesome classroom! My students work hard at treating their books like good friends and putting books away carefully so our class library (almost always) looks fantastic!

I've worked hard to level my library to make it easy for my readers to find the best books for them. I have a wide range of reading levels in my class (F-Q) so keeping up with all of these books keeps me busy too!

Ice bins from Target help! I love using these for my library because each bin can only hold a smallish amount - perfect for little hands to manage. Some levels have a lot more books than others so I just have multiple bins. It's worked well for me ;)


Our writing wall is full of really fantastic fairy tales! The students worked so hard on creating interesting tales with characters in all kinds of predicaments. 

These clips from a certain big name teachers supply store make changing out writing super easy!

Social Studies

We had so much fun learning about Australia this year. We did some art, research, Thinking Maps... The kids definitely got a kick out of the didgeridoo I brought in for them!


We practiced visualization with the book Happy Like Soccer

I love this book so much and -- oh my goodness -- can my students connect with this story! 

I read the book without revealing any of the illustrations and then the students showed me (with a Thinking Map) how the words helped them visualize and understand the story. They did a super job and loved using the bridge map!


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