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Hey - thanks for visiting my blog!
I live in Southern California and am teaching a new grade level this 2016-2017 school year. Let's hear it for 4th grade! And - I'm teaching in a new school, too! Big changes - but one thing remains the same, I really love teaching! Actually, even in my spare time I'm often busy doing or creating something teaching-related or writing a Donors Choose proposal! 
I went to CSUN for my credential and BA - to USC for my master's  - and to CS Fullerton for GATE certification.  Basically - I love school - teaching, attending - whatever! This year I am continuing to work on National Board Certification! I'm so excited about that - it's the new process and I finished Component 3! I'm probably planning out the last component, Component 4, right this very minute!
Also, I've been a BTSA mentor teacher, am a Thinking Maps trainer of trainers and have had additional training in Common Core, Daily 5 and CAFE and I attended the CUE conference to get even more techy! So techy, in fact, I served as Technology Lead and my grade level lead for several years. Recently, I also joined the RAND Corporation's American Teacher Panel - and last summer I was trained in Singapore Math and am a Write From the Beginning trainer of trainers.
My students, our class pet (Willie), two dogs, a cat, a daughter and a husband keep me pretty busy - in addition to my work on National Boards! In my other spare time I love learning more about sustainable gardening, trying out vegetarian recipes, camping in our vintage Airstream, and doing yoga!
I love Target, reading (so, Amazon), chocolate, Pinterest, the beach, Starbucks and roaming through Nordstrom!

This is me in kindergarten - see, I was once a kid, too!

And this is Freddie, Jakey and Willie...

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