Sunday, August 20, 2017

Back to School

Switch grade levels and rooms this year. Moving is no joke. It was exhausting and pricy - but I got great deals at Amazon, Ikea and Target. And yes - if you're with any of those corporations you may sponsor me. :)

So I decided on two rugs that are actually nice to look at - instead of one big primary rug.  First, it's pleasing to the eye but also it gives a runway - I mean aisle - down the middle. Any teacher knows the feeling of doing your thing at the board and getting a call. Climbing through students is not fun. For anyone. Problem solved. Rugs are from Amazon - as is the rocker.
I'm also using Ikea magazine holders again. This year these will be used for book bins and will be reinforced with some kicky Duck Tape. 

I changed out my primary bins for these cute colors - thanks Target for getting with what teachers want. #PrimaryColorsAreDeadToMe. And again, I glued lazy susans onto the bottom of trays to ensure supplies are accessible by all.

I decided to ditch my teacher desk a long time ago.  Does anyone really sit at a desk? I have an area where I project and a horseshoe table for small groups.

Yes. That is a teepee. I bought it a couple years ago from Target and it sat in my trunk until this month. It just was a no-go for 4th graders but I'm excited to use it for the Student of the Month reading area for my 2nd graders! My library is on point. I love the F&P leveling system and books are easy for the kiddos to find once they know their levels. My goal was to create a space that would excite kids about reading.

Organization is key here. Without desks, books and workbooks have to be stored around the room. Kids have jobs to manage their space and I just hope I created the kind of room that kids want to be in and learn in.