Monday, June 19, 2017

Glue Sponges - Jump on that bandwagon, people!

So... glue sponges. I don't know what's taken me so long honestly - but, as teachers we have eternal hope.  Every year I hope my students can just glue. That's not too much to ask, right? I taught 2nd grade and used journals A LOT! But, often their pieces would just fall off the page. Ugh and Grrr! 
I taught 4th this last year and - shockingly - the same thing.  I started to suspect it wasn't the gluing skill that needed work. Fast forward to my packing up and switching classrooms as I'm moving grades (back to 2nd!) and my good, hard core, X-treme glue stick was packed up.  So, I used the NAME BRAND "quality" kids glue stick. What a bunch of crap. It did not stick! But, even in 4th grade, using the glue bottle was - ahem - challenging.  Picture glue on elbows, tables and palms covered so they could peel it off. I gotta admit - that one brought back memories!
Hello, glue sponges!
Kid tested in 2nd grade summer school and - viola! Success!
I chose these containers because they fit half a sponge perfectly but are big enough for 2 kids to share.
Once done put on those lids and teach your students to listen for the click!

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