Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chocolate milk

Students are really loving our new writing unit and are eager to get their arguments tight!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

California Missions Project

California Missions Project

Today kids got a packet detailing everything about the upcoming Missions project and a rubric is included.  This project covers 3 weeks and lots will be done in class. The more kids do in class (filling out the research notes page, rough draft and speech outline) the less they have to do at home for homework.

There are 3 parts: Written Report, Project, Presentation

Due Dates:
Monday -Tell me which mission you’ll be researching.

1/30-2/3 - Research that mission in class and at home as part of HW.

2/6-13 - Write the rough draft of the report in class. Final draft in the most beautiful cursive ever or can be typed up at home as part of HW.

2/10 - Tell me what your project will be (model, poetry, painting/art, compare/contrast missions or different points of view, diorama - just about anything. Make it fun and meaningful). I don't expect elaborate - just something showing deep thinking about the subject.

2/13-16 - Work on the project and verbal presentation as part of HW
PROJECTS  DUE 2/17 and PRESENTATIONS will begin that day, too.

What's done at home?
w1 Some research
w2 Final Draft using the rough draft from class
w3 Project and prepare your presentation (speech) 

Really the most time consuming part is the project so start thinking about what you want to do - what you have time and resources to do - and start early ;)