Sunday, December 11, 2016

National Boards

So Saturday was score release day for National Boards. Some of you may - or may not - know that there is a NEW process for National Boards and it's being rolled out gradually over the course of a few years. New process means: No trailblazers, no history and no mentors or support group. ON.MY.OWN.
It also means this new process - the new expectations - are like the old process on steroids!
Last year I completed Component 3.
I planned and taught and gathered and collected and grouped and reflected and wrote and wrote and video'd and edited and... struggled to hit "submit" on the very first day of the submission window last May. Confident in those owl pellet lessons and the unit on building a business community - and confident I had done my very best.
Since then, the component - my teaching - has been assessed and reviewed with a fine tooth comb by multiple assessors.  
  And, since then, I just tried to put the component out of my mind and plan for the LAST component - Component 4 this year (working on it right now, in fact). Wow! It's been 7 months since I hit that "submit" button! SEVEN!
Score release day was Saturday but I started checking at 9pm Pacific Time on Friday. BOOM!
Toot, toot!
That was my own horn.
In May I'll submit Component 4 and by this time next year I will learn that I achieved National Board  Certification!