Friday, July 15, 2016

Pictures of Summer - Week 5

Lots of energy was expended in my new classroom this week, creating "areas", finishing boards, assembling some storage carts and a little desk, and creating my Cougar Pride area! I can't wait to see the work that my kids choose to put up here!
Room 17 isn't quite done though. It still needs to be cleaned and I'm waiting on my tables to arrive so I can get rid of the huge yucky desks. Also, I need shelving and bookshelves so I'll be heading to IKEA for some storage solutions. That'll have to wait til August 1, though, because the next two weeks I have professional development. One week in Vegas, baby, for Singapore Math and then the following in Alhambra for Write...From the Beginning. 
Always great to learn a new way to be awesome! 
This week looked like this...

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