Friday, July 8, 2016

Pictures of Summer - Week 4

Wow! So week 4. What can I say about week 4. It was absolutely exhausting and exciting because I got to move into my new classroom.  I think the hardest part of any new classroom is creating a flow that will encourage student movement and learning, make transitions easy and be visually appealing. That said, I spend a good part of day one just sitting in the space, imagining, moving furniture, and then moving it back. I'm sure there will be tweaks once my amazing 4th graders fill the room with awesomeness. The other days this week were filled with organizing supplies and starting to put up boards. Yeah - like I said, exhausting but exciting!
So... yeah.  These bins are amazing, btw. They're from Costco and stack like a dream!
Wow. The last teacher must have ran out of here on the last day - she didn't even erase her boards! ;) #seriouslythoughitwasadirtymess
Lots to unpack but I had to put in some personal touches straight away!
Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition!

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