Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pictures of Summer - Week 1

So the first week of summer was full of planning for next year. Does that mean it doesn't really count as summer? I don't know. I worked all week with my team to plan a wonderful year that I will not be a part of. But - the teacher who is lucky enough to take over my room will be set. I made all my math copies for the entire year and all the phonics too (except for decodables). Yep - all beginning of the year assessments, practice, quick checks, common core reviews, tests, benchmarks - done. You're welcome unknown teacher.  Pacing is done and a calendar and a plan book are just there waiting for him/her. Hey - putting something good out - hopefully there will be karma as I begin at my new school this fall! I chose this picture to sum up week 1:

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