Monday, May 2, 2016

Trader Joes Loves Teachers!

After school today I stopped at Trader Joes. Of course I had Willie with me because --- well, I take him home every night. He was a little angel in his carrying case as I picked up his favorites - kale, kale, kale, carrots, blueberry scones, and kale. I was checking out in the 15 items or less (hello! should be fewer, no?!?) lane, making small talk with the cashier who was mesmerized by Willie's cuteness (can't blame him) when he intimated that he'd not seen a guinea pig come through his lane before. I let him know I was a teacher and Willie was my class pet.  He tossed a secret code to a co-worker, who brought up some flowers, and, viola, I was told that Trader Joes appreciates teachers! Flowers for me!!!!! MADE.MY.WHOLE.DAY! After thanking him profusely, I told him I was definitely posting this on my teaching blog!
Thank you #TraderJoes !

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