Saturday, May 14, 2016

Student Treasures Books Arrived!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! 
Student Treasures, where have you been all my life? Student Treasures is a free book making company. Students complete writing and illustrations, which gets turned into an awesome, hard-bound book. For primary, the class writes one class book and teachers get a copy for free and kids have the opportunity to purchase copies.  In upper grades this is usually done as an individual project - 20 distinct books, and each student gets a bound copy of their original documents and the opportunity to buy a copy of the book. 
For primary - and for my first time - we chose to do a collaborative ABC book about our favorite classmate - our class pet, Willie!
Have to say - it was a struggle at times because it was a collaborative endeavor. We all depended on each other to do our personal best - to be present at school - to FINISH illustrations and writing! We completed this task like 20 little BOSSES! Here's just a taste of our book...
 If you're around at Open House you can check it out and even pick up an order form to get your own copy! I will definitely treasure this Treasures book for years and years to come!

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