Monday, May 23, 2016

Bee-ing Awesome!

My ELD class continues to amazzzzzzze! We have been delving into all things Bee and have learned so much about these amazing creatures. I shared that I had a bee hive in my tree but was sad one day to see the hive just moved on - hopefully to greener pastures.  We learned how important bees are to humans and spent some time focusing on their features and attributes. My students decided to create their own books about bees and today we worked on how to draw bees accurately.  Their illustrations are bee-utiful! Ok. Enough. On to the awesomeness...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hakuna Matata

I am so excited for our upcoming presentation of The Lion King! Can you believe these amazing props-in-progress? Impressed!


Yes - I'm THAT person. Already entering the dates in next year's planner - and already thinking about new bulletin boards.  Check out these fabrics that will grace my walls in a few months! 
Joanns - gotta love the coupons and the teacher discount! Winning!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Keith Haring

I love that our school values the arts! I love that my students get to know biographies and works of important artists and get to try out techniques inspired by those artists. 
Check out our Haring-inspired pieces...

To learn more about Keith Haring click here!

Student Treasures Books Arrived!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! 
Student Treasures, where have you been all my life? Student Treasures is a free book making company. Students complete writing and illustrations, which gets turned into an awesome, hard-bound book. For primary, the class writes one class book and teachers get a copy for free and kids have the opportunity to purchase copies.  In upper grades this is usually done as an individual project - 20 distinct books, and each student gets a bound copy of their original documents and the opportunity to buy a copy of the book. 
For primary - and for my first time - we chose to do a collaborative ABC book about our favorite classmate - our class pet, Willie!
Have to say - it was a struggle at times because it was a collaborative endeavor. We all depended on each other to do our personal best - to be present at school - to FINISH illustrations and writing! We completed this task like 20 little BOSSES! Here's just a taste of our book...
 If you're around at Open House you can check it out and even pick up an order form to get your own copy! I will definitely treasure this Treasures book for years and years to come!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

This year we were a little low on supplies and a little low on time - but Mother's Day was coming! What to do, what to do? Bingo!
We may be short on some things - but creativity isn't one of them! 
Check out our super-cute puzzles with messages to our moms! Hope they love them because my students put their whole hearts into creating them!

Last Field Trip...

Last field trip? Say it isn't so! It is so. 
At least with this class, as 2nd graders, it was our last together. And boy, was it a doozy.  
Have you heard of 826LA?
Click here to learn about their amazing programs and field trips!
When I learned about the writing focused field trip that 826LA offers  - I was super excited! Basically, these writing superheros worked with two classes of spellbound writers-in-training to extract a group story that each student then finished on their own. At the end of the trip, each student had a bound copy of the book - the story they helped to create with an ending all their own. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Trader Joes Loves Teachers!

After school today I stopped at Trader Joes. Of course I had Willie with me because --- well, I take him home every night. He was a little angel in his carrying case as I picked up his favorites - kale, kale, kale, carrots, blueberry scones, and kale. I was checking out in the 15 items or less (hello! should be fewer, no?!?) lane, making small talk with the cashier who was mesmerized by Willie's cuteness (can't blame him) when he intimated that he'd not seen a guinea pig come through his lane before. I let him know I was a teacher and Willie was my class pet.  He tossed a secret code to a co-worker, who brought up some flowers, and, viola, I was told that Trader Joes appreciates teachers! Flowers for me!!!!! MADE.MY.WHOLE.DAY! After thanking him profusely, I told him I was definitely posting this on my teaching blog!
Thank you #TraderJoes !

What Is The Best Part of You?

We read the fantastic book, The Best Part of Me, and practiced respecting ourselves by verbalizing some part of us that we just love! Check out what my students think is the best part of them... Trust: the writing that accompanies the photos is amazing - but you'll have to wait til Open House for that!