Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thinking Like a Business Community

My students learned that business community members come together to plan and hold celebrations. The Main Street Business Community collaborated on the elements of a good celebration and decided to work in groups on Food, Decorations, and Music. Totally student-led #PBL! 

The community members in charge of food decided to feature foods from the local businesses and made sure to have lots of trashcans ready - they really learned from that Loitering/Littering problem!

The community members in charge of music worked together on a song list that would appeal to all ages - thinking about how to get and keep customers by providing goods and services that people want.

The community members in charge of decorations planned and created decorations by hand! They decorated the space before the celebration...

My students spent about 3 Social Studies sessions planning, writing invitations and preparing for the big event. I know Main Street will stay in their hearts for a long time!

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