Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thinking 'Bout Problem 4

During our Social Studies #PBL, our Main Street Business Community was faced with another problem. We received a letter from Walmart!

Walmart wants to join our business community and the community members had a lot of opinions about that. They followed our Business Meeting Norms to gather, argue and discuss ways to solve this problem.

The community members used the same thinking as they did with the vacant lot to determine the costs and benefits of Walmart coming. They collaborated to consider the goods and services that each provide and considered issues like pricing, space, traffic and customer choice. 

One of the community members gathered the group together to make a class cost/benefit chart, and finally vote on whether to allow Walmart to come.

The students then worked with their businesses to write a letter to Walmart, letting them know their decision and the reasons behind it.

This project continues to allow my students to work for an authentic purpose as they are part of - and creating - their own Social Studies story!
Check out a bit of our lesson...

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