Monday, March 7, 2016

Thinking 'Bout Problem 3

So, the members of the Main Street Business Community were excited to find a News Flash from our local business community news source! A new #PBL problem had arisen!

The business members  found that teenagers were loitering and littering in the community and even found the litter they left behind. Oh man, were they upset! But, they quickly got to the task of working together to solve the problem.

The community began the task of analyzing the rights of teenagers and the business community and I worked as secretary - taking notes! 

They decided one way to solve this problem was to collaborate to come up with rules for the community. They came up with some great ideas about spitting, weapons and littering and began posting signs. Another idea was to install some garbage cans within the business area and add goods and services that appeal to teens to get them to come inside to spend!

So very proud of my students and their ability to fully immerse in this Social Studies unit!

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