Saturday, February 27, 2016

Thinking 'Bout Problem 1

Our Main Street Business Community experienced its first critical incident. One of the students, character name is Patrick from Pizza Day, brought a letter of concern to the business community. We didn't have enough customers coming to shop! The students thought deeply about the consequences of having few customers and determined they should add some goods and services to their businesses. The blue cards note the features each business will add.

Students then came to the realization they had not advertised their businesses so we talked the purpose of advertising and some of the different ways businesses can let people know about their goods and services.

We talked about the language of advertising and realized that some words work for some types of businesses and some don't.

Students then met with their businesses to determine the best way to advertise their shop. Some made fliers, some made websites - all were AMAZING!

Yes. The business is called The Runs - remember, student led and generated. This brought up a great conversation though about correlating the name with something pleasant and that lets the customer know what kind of store it is.

Students and I are both loving this Social Studies #PBL and because the students are part of, and generating, the story it holds so much more meaning for them. So proud of their high level thinking throughout this project!

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