Saturday, February 27, 2016

Thinking 'Bout Problem 1

Our Main Street Business Community experienced its first critical incident. One of the students, character name is Patrick from Pizza Day, brought a letter of concern to the business community. We didn't have enough customers coming to shop! The students thought deeply about the consequences of having few customers and determined they should add some goods and services to their businesses. The blue cards note the features each business will add.

Students then came to the realization they had not advertised their businesses so we talked the purpose of advertising and some of the different ways businesses can let people know about their goods and services.

We talked about the language of advertising and realized that some words work for some types of businesses and some don't.

Students then met with their businesses to determine the best way to advertise their shop. Some made fliers, some made websites - all were AMAZING!

Yes. The business is called The Runs - remember, student led and generated. This brought up a great conversation though about correlating the name with something pleasant and that lets the customer know what kind of store it is.

Students and I are both loving this Social Studies #PBL and because the students are part of, and generating, the story it holds so much more meaning for them. So proud of their high level thinking throughout this project!

Thinking Like a Cartographer

Yes! Like a cartographer! Mapping!

Once my students had built their businesses and added to their community with housing, trees, hospitals, schools and a lake (complete with a bridge, I might add) I quickly sketched our mural.
Then, I added grid lines to work on mapping skills. 

My students added their building to their map and wrote sentences about the coordinates using numbers and letters. They did the same for the vacant lot and then added a compass rose. On the back they wrote sentences about their building in relation to other features on the map using compass rose vocabulary.

This #PBL will integrate all content areas and the students are loving it - taking complete ownership. I love teaching this way!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thinking Like a Boss

What should we sell?

During our #PBL my students created a community, businesses, characters and applied for jobs. Now that they are working in those businesses, they decided to work in pairs or triads to think deeply about the kinds of goods and services businesses like theirs might include. Then they collaborated to create a list of all the items they'll be selling or services they'll be providing. 

The students also had the task of creating signs for their businesses. One side of the folder shows the signage for the business and the opposite side of the folder tells about the goods and services they offer- they turned out fantastic! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Thinking Like an Employee

After my students filled Main Street with their beautiful businesses they got to the task of creating characters and applying for jobs within those businesses. Hello real-life skills!

My students really thought deeply about this - thinking about the ages of people in businesses, what their skills needed to be, what education they needed and then wrote persuasively to get the job. Such great writing practice for an authentic purpose!

They're all hired!

#PBL #Inquiry #LearningByDoing

Thinking Like an Architect

So, we began our project with a blank slate. My students chose the businesses they wanted to include in their community, then got to work in pairs designing and creating buildings for the businesses.

They thought deeply about buildings they've seen in our community and designed them with interesting details - the buildings are amazing!

Then, my students chose locations for their buildings and chose adjectives to describe all of the buildings, businesses and business names!

#PBL #SoMuchFun #Inquiry

Thinking Like a Real Estate Developer

As part of our Main Street #PBL project, my students used their prior knowledge about local business communities and chose businesses they thought were necessary to add to the community. This was totally student led and, I have to say, they made some excellent choices!

#StayTuned - your minds will be blown by the work we did with this project!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

100th Day of School

We made it to 100 Days!

My students considered what the older people in their families were like and we discussed some features of the elderly. They then imagined what their lives would be like at 100. What would they look like, how would they feel, what jobs did they have, did they marry, do they have grandkids...

In 2nd grade the 100th day isn't as big as in K or 1st but I love doing this writing project every year and I hope it becomes one of their treasures.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Field Trip!

We had such a great time at Pepperdine University in Malibu. We saw an excellent performance of The Prospector by the Los Angeles Opera and got to visit the museum on campus. No photography allowed during the performance but you can get a glimpse of the awesome Andy Warhol exhibit! 

Such a fun, engaging day and an excellent way to integrate art into our curriculum and expose my students to different art forms!