Saturday, October 3, 2015

What!? We Have Tests Today!? YIPPEE!!!

It's all in the mindset. 

I start the year early trying to make tests sound like a fun thing - almost a treat! Hey - kids buy in quick because they are anxious to show me what they know and excitement is contagious! We set the temperature in the class, yes?

I don't think other teachers believe how happy my students get about testing - but they do. Gotta love 7 year olds! And you gotta love appropriate tests that really assess what was taught. Oh, that's another topic for another day...


This fall I'm psyching myself up the same way!
Hello, National Boards!

After finishing Components 1 and 2 of the NEW and improved National Boards process, I'm working on Component 3 this year! Yay, yay!!

Are you interested in upping your game?  Becoming a more self-reflective teacher? Learning more about yourself and your practice? The National Board process has changed - A LOT! But - you can dip your toes in and be part of their field test.

Want more information on field testing? CLICK HERE!

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