Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall Fun in So Cal

So... yeah. We are still waiting for fall here in Southern California. Come on, sweater weather! I'm a little done with the 80+ degree weather and am itching to feel a little chilly.  

We SoCal teachers know how to make-do though, so we are still having some real fall fun, y'all! 

First, you start with a little plaid (lightweight is a must).

Then you add some apples -and apple cider and apple donuts. Definitely apple donuts.

You also include some pinecones staged just so.

And hey - you get some gem corn (because your own harvest was... ahem... meager), and pinecone roses and Arkansas Black apples as you Pinterest fall-scaping ideas.

You add some pie, because - of course you add pie!

And you're careful not to attract bears, because now you are stuffed with apple cider, donuts and pie - and are probably fairly delicious.

Frankly, all this is exhausting. So, you take a break to check out some fuzzy cows along the way. And you're sure you see one wink at you because they just know you're a vegetarian.

By this time, you might be appled-out. Not from the picking - that's another story - but from the eating. So you pick up some AMAZING spicy jams!

And before you head home you pick up a few million acorns because you need them for your fall-scaping awesomeness that you absolutely will be Pinteresting - at some point!

Finally, you go home and - in real fall style - are supremely thankful for a fun and beautiful day, with fun and beautiful friends.

And pie.

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