Friday, September 18, 2015

Writing About Math!

I've always done math journals and I love them for a lot of reasons.

1. Students get daily practice writing about math.  The students' journals are great because students really have to consider the process and work to explain their thinking.

2. The journals become a source of reference. I start the year modeling and scaffolding extensively so that every student has examples of really good journal entries - then slowly take away support. Students are able to look back and reference similar problems or explanations to help them with future learning.

3. Journals are fun to create! My students are primary kids - they LOVE scissors and glue! These fine motor skills are not to be scoffed at!

4. They are never the same! Though I've done journals every year - how I do them, what I use, how they look - that all changes! 

5. The journals are evidence of learning (and teaching)! I know I refer back to prior year's journals to see the sequence of what I taught and how I did it. I can also show the student's journal at a parent conference to illustrate learning or struggles.

Our journals are already amazing!

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