Friday, August 21, 2015

Organic Gardening Highs and Lows

OMG! So excited about growing corn. I'm so stressed about this though. I know - leisurely organic gardening has me stressed. I worry about everything - including non-forming kernels on yet-to-be-developed ears of corn. I might have had a nightmare about this. It's not easy being me.
This happened...
Tassles!!!!!!! This is a definite High. One step closer to developing kernels. Winning!

Now for the Low. 
Overnight my arugula was eaten by I.Don't.Know.What.
Look at this sad arugula leaf.

What's that?
Look closer.  

His name was Legion. There were many. They met a watery grave. Then were stomped by an aggressive sandal - just to be sure.

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