Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tip-Toeing Into BTS!

So I've been to Vegas for a week for (AMAZING) conferences, working on a tech project for my school, taking 12 units this summer and trying to get some TpT projects going. And at the end of the month I go to a week long writing conference and then, get my classroom ready. Yes - this is a teacher's summer BREAK! You know what I mean. Well, taking a break from all those duties I just mentioned, I went to Daiso and picked up this! 

I can't wait to use the apple to house my students reward tickets until I pull them for prizes. So cute, right!?

I couldn't resist the slinky type things to streeeeeeeetch out words with struggling readers and use the dots to keep track of homework. And omg! The crayon post-its! So cute - I'm using them already to mark the pages in the books for my courses. Did I mention 12 units? Yeah - better get back to that.

What's your BREAK been like?

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