Friday, May 29, 2015

And so it begins...

With the start of June, I'm beginning to compile all the amazing work my students have done since August. It's funny. When people come in to my room they comment how colorful and awesome it is. The truth is, it's only awesome because my students gave their all to make it awesome. My room will soon be a blank canvas (with cute fabric and kicky borders) ready for the next class to make it their-version-of-awesome. Until then, the stacks of work are getting ready to go home.


Service Animals

We are a One School, One Book campus and this year we read Out of My Mind. Our fantastic librarian arranged a lot of tie-ins to the themes of the book and one was service dogs. 

I love animals so much so I was probably the most excited about Barron's visit today. Actually - Willie was pretty excited, too!

  My student instructed Barron to SIT.
 And he did!!!!

Sprout Watch 2015

Sprout Watch has begun in room 202! We are anxiously awaiting any signs of sprouting from our organic cherry tomato seeds. OK. It's been one day - but you never know.

Yes - I'll be coming in this weekend to water these little pots!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rocket's Red Glare...

Some of my awesome 2nd graders made volcanoes that spew lava and rockets that launch. How exciting! We had an amazing time with these projects and are thankful our families were so supportive as we extended our learning to home.

Welcome Plants!

Our school calendar is a little different than our local district so we have an extra week or so to have even more fun learning! We have time to learn about plants and we are so excited to get our seeds potted!

And, we'll be using some of the resources (Tree Map, Vocabulary Cards) I created after spending some of last summer participating in a farm program for teachers! This unit is on TpT now.

Simple Straw or Movie Making Tool?

Can you guess why I'm collecting these fantastic GREEN straws from Starbucks?

We Bid You Farewell...

Today we close our unit on insects and move on to plants. Here's a final picture of one of our beetles that taught us so much about the life cycle!

They Blinded Me With Science!

Yesterday, my students presented their science learning and here are just a few of their projects. I love seeing what students and families create!