Thursday, April 30, 2015

Contraction Caterpillars!

This activity was a quick one because my Dolphins are MASTERS at contractions. They really had a great time choosing which contractions to focus on and each managed to give their caterpillars a unique personality!
This will flow so well into our Insects and Plants unit next week!

We do this every year and every year I say, Thanks Amy Lemons for this idea!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Motivated Mathematician Movie Madness in May!

That's alliteration, folks! Hello, poetry unit!
But, I digress. Our movie day for those awesome dolphins who have aced all of their math facts is fast approaching next month. 
Will you be there?
I hope so!
Need some extra practice to get ready? 
Here you go...
Click here for some great practice!

Pen Pals!

We have loved having our North Carolinian pen pals this year. Today we are mailing off our postcards! The students had so much fun learning about all the ways we can write to communicate - but I think postcards are their favorite!

Thinking Maps!

So last night after hitting the gym and submitting a book order on Scholastic I started to grade some writing journals. 

I really love taking a set of these home each week. You never know what you'll find - even after all the conferring - a few gems slip throughout the cracks! Especially when my students love to write at recess! I found acrostic poems about classmates, letters to me, and fantastic Thinking Maps! 

Here are a few the students used to organize their thinking...

A double bubble to compare...

A flow map to show sequence...

And a brace to show the whole/part relationship...
(she wasn't sure about the plank - but she researched it and found there WAS a plank!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Family Gardening Articles and Activities

Click the link below to check out some great activities to do with children. Let's show our LA kids where their food comes from!
By the way - we have a FANTASTIC DonorsChoose project up for supplies for sustainable gardening!
Family Gardening Articles and Activities |

In My Spare Time...

This is what I doodle in those weird moments when I really should be relaxing...
Anyone else do this?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Support Our Kiddos With DonorsChoose!

Are you trying to get in the rest of your parent hours before the end of the year? Did you know that for every five dollars you donate to our class you earn one hour of time?

OR - do you just love supporting teachers and second graders?

We need YOUR help!

We have three great projects up on Donors Choose! I want my students to be able to grow really healthy, organic vegetables and learn about sustainable gardening - and I want to get just a few more pieces of technology - an iPad and two ChromeBooks - so that EVERY STUDENT can be using technology at the same time!

You can click the pink desk on the right side of your screen, under the "Stay Connected" tab - or Click here! 

You can donate as little or as much as you'd like and not only will you help your child, but you'll earn parent hours AND it's tax deductible too! 

Win, Win, Win!


-Mrs. Dixon

Calder Movable Sculptures

We are so fortunate to have our awesome art teacher, Ms. Donna, come by to help us learn about artists and work with us to create fantastic pieces of art.

The students learned all about Calder and made these remarkable sculptures!

Fairy Tales!

Recently we ended our fairy tale unit. We had so much fun reading and listening to fairy tales, comparing different versions of fairy tales and comparing stories from different points of view.

At the end we decided to use parts of a great TpT unit to create our own fairy tale. 

The students created characters, a nemesis and chose a setting - then got to the work of writing. This was an impromptu assignment but it is definitely a favorite. 

We'll be doing this next year for sure!

I LOVE kids art!

How To Writing

I love my ELD group!

We just finished a unit on How To writing and decided to make some helpful posters explaining how to play some playground games!

They had so much fun trying to write with clarity and precision to explain these games and were awesome when it came time to make their presentations!