Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lighten Up, Y'all!

I surprised the kids with a new 'do! 

A bit shorter - a lot lighter! 

Bring on summer - but not until we fit in a whole lot more awesomeness! Let's get ready for 3rd grade!

Rainy Day Recess? Yes Please!

Said no teacher ever. And luckily, in California, it honestly doesn't come up too often.

BUT! Add a little GoNoodle and things definitely look a little better! 

We've used GoNoodle before for short brain breaks. It was good. But OMG - they have presets for recess and they were amazing! No more pulling out bins of things to occupy young minds - most kids preferred to get their Noodle on.



Can you believe how much Willie has grown? I just love this little guy! I mean, look at those ears! 

He's become a bit spoiled as he's realized he has me wrapped around his little finger. Check out his new playground! 

He LOVES it - especially the tunnel! 

Thanks Donors Choose!

Skyping Across the Nation

We soooooo enjoyed skyping with this awesome 2nd grade class in Kansas! My students learned so much about the weather in Kansas and loved sharing a bit about California. 

We are so fortunate to have an amazing librarian who sets up these great experiences for us!

Author's Study - Patricia Polacco

During February we delved into an awesome author's study.  We read so many Patricia Polacco books and really became mega-fans! 

My students were able to make so many connections to each of the many, many books we read. I'm so proud of this corner and my student's work!

Arty McArtersons

We LOVE art!

My students are definitely little artists and they had such a great time creating these masterpieces. 

I feel so blessed to work at a school that values the arts!


Oh my goodness~ Thank you to my students and their sweet and generous families. 

I felt very loved!

And we had an excellent day!