Sunday, February 8, 2015

Keeping Up With The...

No! Not the Kardash..... 

Keeping Up With The Grading! 

I've never been asked this before this year, but two parents recently asked me how I get their kiddos tests graded and sent home (usually) the same day as the test.

First of all, it happens because I know as a mom I would want to know as soon as possible if my daughter's grades were dipping or she wasn't mastering something. So it's a priority for me and it all starts well before testing day. 

At the beginning of the week I have a prep period (grateful for that), and that is when I make ALL of my copies for the week following. Then I sort those copies into my rainbow drawers - sorted by topic. Then, on Friday of each week I use my recess to prep for the next week by looking at my plan book and pulling out all the materials and copies I've made for each topic. Then, I  begin systematically sorting every single activity into pre made folders that live on my desk. One for Monday, Tuesday... you get the idea. When I leave for the weekend my whole next week is planned out, organized and fully sorted for speed and efficiency.

This sets the tone for the week. Organization! 

We have some tests that pop up as units finish - like Math. Otherwise, most topics are tested on the same days each week - a couple on Thursday and a few on Friday.

Because I don't need to prep for the next lesson or activity, while students are taking a test, I can grade their prior test, enter it in my grade book and stamp those that will need parent signatures. I keep their tests on a clipboard and just grade as I walk around the tables. 

By the end of the day, I may have one test to score and if it's a short, non-subjective test we will switch papers, get our red pencils out and check for errors as a class. Of course I always double and triple check anything done by students ;)

This works for grading just about anything but writing. Grading writing just takes time. And patience. And a beverage. 

And - that's how I do it! I know not all teachers work that way - it's just a system that has developed for me over time and it fits my style.

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