Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Goals!

So it was sad to say goodbye to 2014 because it brought lots of awesomeness - like Willie, all of my students, Twinkle, beginning National Boards, 1st wedding anniversary, THIS BLOG, and so, so much more. But I feel that 2015 is going to bring even more, if I work for it!

So (drumroll here) without further ado, here are my goals for 2015...

Personal: Achieve better health!
Ok. actually yesterday was my Day 1, but you get it.
In case you didn't know, Whole30 means I'll be eating only whole foods for 30 days. 
There's other rules, too, of course, no sweeteners of any kind - not just sugar, no fake grains... I gotta say, I felt FANTASTIC after my first Whole30 and learned a lot about myself. I'm addicted to sugar for one. It's best for me just to say no to sweet treats or it sets off major cravings. I also learned I can control my health to a major extent with food. No thank you, blood pressure meds! 

And, I have major willpower. Naysayers make me stronger, but support makes me even stronger! I'm in a group with almost 40 over 60 other elementary teachers and we are all doing a January Whole30 together! How awesome is that!?

 I'm also committed to getting stronger. I'm in another group with teachers and we're committed to 30 days of fitness.  We're also doing this challenge... 
It's been a couple days of this and I've already learned that sit-ups are SUPER HARD and my I'm definitely feeling those squats.

I've started yoga again, which was my long-lost love, and I think Mr. Dixon's Darling Dolphins will be heading there with me tomorrow! 
And, I'm going to start running. With baby steps - after my quads stop burning from all the squats!

Professional: Up.My.Game!
I will be getting into the full swing of the beginning of this program this month. This is like teacher Olympics. It's the Big Game. The Real Deal. The process has changed - and it's changed drastically - so it's a little difficult not having anyone who's gone before me as a mentor. But I will do this and I will rock it!

I'm also very excited to get more tech savvy and will be attending the CUE conference in Palm Springs in a couple months.

And finally, I want to up my TPT output and create more awesomeness!
Which leads to the next goal...

Financial: Handle my business.
In case there's anyone who doesn't know, teachers don't make a lot of money. 

I know, it is shocking. 

However, teachers do have to be educated and if you want to be competitive or just learn more about the craft, you're probably gonna be highly educated with a masters or some such. Well, along with that nice USC masters degree that's sitting in one of my drawers, comes a USC price tag. A big one. So my goal is to make a major dent in my overwhelming student loans.

Another financial goal is to spend less on silly things so that I can save a bit more, travel a bit more, relax a bit more.

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