Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Twinkle Day 3

Holy Moly! This little Twinkle is amazing!

We had a rainy morning so I didn't get to see inside the classroom until we all came in to start the day! The kids found her first and were squealing with delight.  Twinkle had climbed up on my chair and left a trail of snow and snowballs as she turned up a pail and blocks to climb to the tippy top. Then, it looks like she must have found one of our straws and some wire to make a trapeze off of our chimes! When we came in she was hanging by her legs and waving her hat! 

That Twinkle sure likes to have some fun adventures!

Tonight we are leaving our Day 3 Elf Adventures writing so Twinkle can take it to Santa. I wonder what he will think of our writing!

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