Thursday, October 9, 2014


Sending love across the nation to teachers - SLANT!
I participated in my first SLANT box exchange in September and I just received my box from the awesome Dawn in San Diego!

First off, let me just say that those who LOVE teaching like Dawn and I do find it really hard to find balance in our lives and she was an understanding ear when I filled her in on some issues I'm having - we had a moment ;)

Click here to check out Dawn's blog!

On to the goodies... 
I was so excited to get my box in the mail - it's just like Christmas!

Opening it was even better!

It contains the sweetest note in the note pad, some super cute binder clips, a super pretty scarf for fall, the most gorgeous peacock duct tape you've ever seen and .... treats for Willie! See - a soul sister - she picked up on my obsession with Willie from across the miles. 
I appreciate all of it - especially knowing the time that went into it - all the while trying to achieve balance!

Thanks, Dawn!

And thanks Lessons With Coffee for organizing such a fun exchange!

Teachers, if you're interested in SLANT click here to check out Lessons With Coffee and learn all about it!

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  1. I've gotta be honest. This brought a teeny tear to my eye. As we discussed, since we've been so focused on The Balance, it's easy to lose sight of these little things we can do to brighten one another's days. How many minutes does it take in a day to give a compliment, write a sweet note, or give a thoughtful gift? Very few. And how powerful are these things? So very! Thanks for the post!