Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Ok. Nouns are tough this year. I'm not sure why but we are struggling a bit with the concept of proper and common nouns. Last week was ALL about PPT - and they know a noun is a person, place or thing, but they are not seeing the difference between any old teacher and proper Mrs. Dixon. So we've been working on it. A lot.

We've done word sorts. Proper noun Tree Maps. Double Bubble maps comparing common and proper. We've done drawings. Worksheets. And then, there was the flapbook.

For some unknown reason (kismet)  I sent the flapbook to print and when I went to the office to get it, the printer had printed the flapbook on ENORMOUS cardstock. Instant group work!

I gave each kiddo an old TIME for Kids magazine to find common and proper nouns. They they worked in groups of 3-4 and these Smart Cookies...
  1. considered
  2. cut 
  3. collaborated
  4. discussed
  5. glued
  6. shared

We aren't, all of us, THERE yet - but we are on.our.way!!!

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