Monday, September 15, 2014

Holy Moly! Willie Says...


Willie wants you to know that we had THREE Donors Choose projects when we woke and by the time I had taken roll all three were COMPLETELY funded by Google! 
One of the projects was a special Willie project for hay, guinea pig books, and food so kids can learn about guinea pigs and their care. Eventually they'll write their own book! Willie is  very, very excited!

Another project was for nonfiction books! With Common Core there is a huge focus on nonfiction and now our library has a lot of options! Plus, my students love, love, love nonfiction books!

Another project was for all kinds of dice! Storytelling dice. Place value dice.  Twelve sided double dice!!!! The kids are having so much fun, while learning a lot at the same time!

Willie LOVES Google (and so does Mrs. Dixon)! 

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