Tuesday, August 5, 2014

BTS 2014 Part 2

It doesn't feel like much was accomplished in my room today but I did get to do a few blingy things that the kiddos will (hopefully) enjoy!

First, I spray painted and glittered letters for our library! I hope the message isn't too subtle and they learn to love, love, love reading this year!

Second, I made our birthday board! I just need to buy one more goodie to go inside and put the month labels on... once I know who my kiddos are and their birthdays.

Last, I finished our front door. 

I  struggled a bit with this one. I made little dolphin name tags but I think it'd be a case of more is too much (GASP!) so I'm planning to add names to the fish and bubbles. 

At least that's the plan today :)

And the for real last, I took advantage of the TPT sale and bought an awesome interactive math notebook packet. I've done journals for math every year but this takes it up a notch!

OH.MY.GOD! And the for reals last and best thing? We're doing Pen Pals! That's right! Dixon's Darling Dolphins will be communicating with a 2nd grade class in North Carolina and I am so, so, so excited about this!

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