Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lola Moooooo-ved Me

Ok. I gotta say. I struggled with this day. On the one hand I am an animal-loving vegetarian and on the other, I want my students to learn all about animals, health, food, kindness...

So we had a cow come to campus - a beautiful dairy cow with an adorable 7 week old calf. 

Her name was Lola - She was a showgirl...

The kids loved seeing Lola, hearing her moo, and learning about bovine bodies. 
Most had never seen a cow that close before!

I would have rather seen these two on a farm roaming free, but I got over watching a hot Lola in a small trailer when my students got to quickly pet the calf --and mommy and baby went on their way.

Later, my students cut out a cow picture, glued it on to construction paper and labeled all of its parts. On the back they glued a paper they wrote about cows and all they learned about them!

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