Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Embarking on a Long Journey...

Here I go...

Crossing the Bridge to Third Grade

Wow! The end of the year came fast! I already miss these kiddos and have already run into one at Target. We learned about that in Probability! 

We ended the year with some science , a party and some Thinking Maps. 
We practiced contractions using long strips of poster board and creating bridge maps. 
We also used these Thinking Maps in math to map our thinking about creating doubles! 
We also used them to organize our thoughts about different ways to make 100. 

One kid came up with....
So what? There are many ways to make 100! 
So why? This will help us in life - like in making change! 

Well done, Smart Cookies!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lola Moooooo-ved Me

Ok. I gotta say. I struggled with this day. On the one hand I am an animal-loving vegetarian and on the other, I want my students to learn all about animals, health, food, kindness...

So we had a cow come to campus - a beautiful dairy cow with an adorable 7 week old calf. 

Her name was Lola - She was a showgirl...

The kids loved seeing Lola, hearing her moo, and learning about bovine bodies. 
Most had never seen a cow that close before!

I would have rather seen these two on a farm roaming free, but I got over watching a hot Lola in a small trailer when my students got to quickly pet the calf --and mommy and baby went on their way.

Later, my students cut out a cow picture, glued it on to construction paper and labeled all of its parts. On the back they glued a paper they wrote about cows and all they learned about them!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I have plenty of storage... SAID NO TEACHER, EVER!

Oh my, my, my.

How many teachers do you know who are nutso for organizing? The  planners, the color coding, the lists, the post-its, the making of the week 1 homework on the last week of school...

Oh you can relate. I know you can.

But can you relate to this....

I have a BEAUTIFUL classroom, with storage - but not enough.

Actually, in all honesty - I probably have too much stuff.

Can you have too many books? 
Too many review games? Too many STEM learning activities? Too many math manipulatives? 
Too many, too many, too many?

Welcome to my world.

I am spending hours upon hours upon hours, going through EVERYTHING - sorting, organizing, tossing, giving... I'm putting everything into bins by topic. 

Sorting all those games by topic...

I'm left with this though. 

What to do, what to do....

I'm at a loss. 
Of space!

I'll figure it out. I guess it's like a puzzle - but if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear 'em! 

Polygons/Year Almost Gone

Holy moly! I can't believe we only have 6 days of school left and two of those are short! 

I have truly enjoyed this class and will miss them over the summer.

 We're not done yet!
 This week we're learning more about polygons!
 We had so much fun working collaboratively making all kinds of polygons out of toothpicks and mini-marshmallows.

Students had to work together to create polygons and then record the polygon name and an image of what they created.

So many marshmallows = So much fun!!!!!