Thursday, May 8, 2014

Multiplying Mayhem

Today was our fourth day of multiplication! 

We did a variety of activities to reinforce the concept of 1 and 0 and fact practice and finally - once we all had finished accurate work - we did multiplication bracelets using pipe cleaners and pony beads!

The students chose the multiplication problem they wanted to illustrate. The kids had to make their groupings on their pipe cleaner and be ready to explain to me the accurate multiplication sentence and the repeated addition that goes with it. 

Then they got to wear the bracelet and a sticker that said "Ask me about my Multiplication Bracelet". 

If anyone asked them, they had to tell them the math that matches their bracelet.

If they got their math correct the first time they got a special bead to bookend their bracelet. 

It was a color changing bead and they thought it was total magic!

Love, love, love second grade!