Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sweetness Division!

Oh division was sweet! 

Kids had a ball and went cookoo-nutso-bananas for the fun activities in this packet! 

It's now on TpT!

Biographies 2.0

We learned about biographies with our Biographies-Lite project but now... 
we've moved on to Biographies 2.0!
Neil Armstrong cover
Neil Armstrong

Now, students are reading biographies at their level - mostly chapter books - and were able to choose among a lot of books we were fortunate to have on hand. We read, took notes, and now they are parsing out important information to include in their reports. 
Dr. Seuss cover
Dr. Seuss
I am seriously impressed! 

Barack Obama cover
Barack Obama
Students are using Thinking Maps on.their.own! They are choosing Maps according to their thinking and have been using them to write!
Michelle Obama cover

Michelle Obama
 Taking it off the map!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Reading & Writing workshop has been so much fun! 

We completed our How To books (I learned how to make beds, sandwiches, Mexican Eggs, and how to draw an X-Box) and now we are writing biographies.

To start with, students chose a Scholastic biography which was short and sweet. Students made Flow Maps and wrote their own books. I graded them last weekend and they were great!

This week, students chose biographies that matched their reading level and interest and they are delving in deep! More to come...
My students love non-fiction so, so much and can't wait to share everything they've learned. I think all that sharing and talking is one of the main reasons their EL levels are improving!

The Math Division

This year is flying by! Can you believe school is almost out for the summer?  

Wow! In about a month I'll be somewhere tropical on a long overdue honeymoon! 

But.... Not.  Quite.  Yet.

We're still learning and we've been busy little almost 3rd graders!

The kids loved learning about multiplication and division and capped off their learning with some excellent math stories and fact family practice! 


Today we began fractions and started off slowly with our enVision Step Up lesson.

We did some equivalency strips and an Amy Lemons activity. Kids were making so many real world connections with division and baking and doing flap-books and tri-folds! 
Proud teacher here!

Monday, May 19, 2014

We Love Donors Choose!

We have a new project! 

If you are looking for an excellent way to make an impact on a child's life please consider donating to our project. 

And.... it's tax deductable! 

Click Here to Donate - and THANK YOU!!!!!

This project is for 8 Chromebooks to get my students' keyboarding skills where they need to be. The kids will use them to research and write reports and will create a culminating project - like a paper or presentation. They'll even get to print it!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


The parents in my class are so amazing! I feel totally blessed by the generosity they have shown this year!

Thank you, parents and families!

Working on my volunteer thank you gifts this weekend :) don't peek, parents!


We started using our SoDelicious grant! 
On Friday we learned all about organic gardening and how organic is better for the planet and our bodies. Then we learned all about blueberries and all of their amazing health benefits, did you know blueberries have been around for over 13,000 years? 

Students made a cool little book to track their learning and even got to record how blueberries smell, feel and... Finally - taste! The kids loved making a circle map about the blueberry and a tree map to track its features. At the end of the day the students left with a cool books, knowledge in their heads, blueberries in their tummies and some fresh, organic fruit to share at home! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Festival Friday!

Yep. There will be Silly String. 
Yep.  A teacher - ahem - will be Silly Stringed... 
IF students can make a basket. 

Practice, practice, kiddos! I hope to be covered in Silly String and raise lots of $$$$ for our grade level fieldtrips!



It was a success!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Multiplying Mayhem

Today was our fourth day of multiplication! 

We did a variety of activities to reinforce the concept of 1 and 0 and fact practice and finally - once we all had finished accurate work - we did multiplication bracelets using pipe cleaners and pony beads!

The students chose the multiplication problem they wanted to illustrate. The kids had to make their groupings on their pipe cleaner and be ready to explain to me the accurate multiplication sentence and the repeated addition that goes with it. 

Then they got to wear the bracelet and a sticker that said "Ask me about my Multiplication Bracelet". 

If anyone asked them, they had to tell them the math that matches their bracelet.

If they got their math correct the first time they got a special bead to bookend their bracelet. 

It was a color changing bead and they thought it was total magic!

Love, love, love second grade!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Multiplication Madness!

We started multiplication this week!

Whoa! The kids are over the moon to learn some "big kid" content!

They're feelin' like 3rd graders already!

In addition to our math program I'm using products from around the 2nd grade internet world...

We used bingo daubers.

These bingo daubers are from They are cheap, come in a set of 12 awesome colors and the kids went bananas for them. Chose them over..... wait for it....... stickers (!!!!!!!!) when doing the 'hand' project above from Amy Lemons. A couple of them had Hello Kitty in their hands but 20/22 went with paint. Fast, fun and easy!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"How To..." Writing, Part Deux

Today was our second day of "How To..." writing and my students were in for quite a treat! 

We used  Amy Lemon's Dirt Puddin' packet and practiced sequencing and writing for a specific audience. 

We began by making a Flow Map about the sequence they thought they would use... 

As we gathered our materials and ingredients and went through the process, students took notes.

After, students used their notes to write their own "How To" and made a quick little craft as a cover for their writing.

Finally, students graded themselves using the rubric in the packet, and now, I'm grading them, too! 

They did amazing!

School Supply List

Our supply list is now available on

Monday, May 5, 2014

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Teacher Appreciation

If you want to celebrate Teacher Appreciate week -- or if you need those last few volunteer hours for our school -- you can donate here. I am raising funds to buy science supplies for our class --- and your donation is tax deductable!

THIS PROJECT WAS COMPLETELY FUNDED!!!!!  Click the DonorsChoose button on the top right to find our current project! - May 2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Open House

What a whirlwind open house was!

It's so great to see families and the kids in their 'normal' non-uniform clothes! 

The students created their own checklists today and used them to show their families around the room. 
They were so proud!

Inside the little "My Progress" is personalized data for each student.

Basically, on the left it briefly relays their reading and fluency level when they started the year, and on the right shows where they are now. 

This way every single kid can show their parents that they have made significant progress this year.

Well done, 2nd graders!

Painted Indian Elephants

We are getting ready for our upcoming Multicultural Day by learning about India! 

Second graders learned all about the beautiful painted elephants and did this amazing art project. This was the brain child of a local art teacher, Ms. Donna who is piloting an idea that I hope I can share with everyone soon.

They turned out so lovely - I can't wait for parents to see them at open house tonight!