Monday, April 28, 2014

Tweeting for Good!

#140Difference had a challenge - 

Tweet a grant proposal in 140 characters or less. Always up for a challenge I tweeted something close to my heart...

Entry: veg teacher to provide organic fruits/veg monthly – for tasting – to title I kids as part of org/non-gmo healthy/real food edu #140difference

Photo by: Roxanna Dixon

photo 2

I'm really excited about this because with this grant I can give my students the chance to taste lots of healthy, organic and non-GMO fruits and vegetables.

We'll focus on one a month and learn about the nutrition in each locally grown fruit or vegetable. We'll also learn about why taking care of our bodies and our planet through organic gardening is so important.

Thank you, So Delicious! 

Students, persuade me to do something that is really important to you. 
Write me a note in 140 characters or less and I'll pick a winner Friday!So Delicious Dairy Free

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